Adding Value

Why is value important?

Many times, those looking to sell their home are looking for the absolute highest that they can feasibly ask for their property, without overpricing it. Depending on the comparable properties and desirability of your neighborhood, upgrades and property improvements allow you to ask for a competitive price, as many buyers look for homes that they don’t have to work on or invest in immediately upon move-in. But what improvements make sense (and money at resale) and which ones are just a waste of time, effort and cash?

Many studies have shown that the more neutral and less exotic or personal you design and decorate your home to be, the more likely it will appeal to the most number of potential buyers. Or, keep it simple. Neutral palettes win the real estate game. Plus, there are few buyers that don’t request large closets, lots of storage and upgraded and inviting kitchens and bathrooms. Privacy and security are high on the wishlist of many buyers as is an abundance of natural lights and great views through energy-efficient windows.

By creating a clean, warm and comfortable space, you’ll display all the great things about your home and get that full-price offer in no time at all.

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