First Time Buyers

There are very few accomplishments that are quite as exciting as buying your first home. Acquiring your personal piece of the American Dream is something to be celebrated and recognized, however, it does come with its own particular set of challenges and frustrations. To simplify the process, eliminating stressful headaches and frustrating setbacks, we recommend that you take the following steps as a first-time home buyer.

Make sure that your process goes as smoothly as possible by recruiting the help of a professional, experienced real estate agent. Redberry Realty is eager to help you find and obtain your first home. Call now.

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Step 1

Get pre-qualified

Before you start searching for that perfect house, make sure you can afford it first. Meet with a mortgage broker as your first step to find out how much you’re eligible for in order to avoid the heartbreak that comes from finding out you can’t afford your dream home.

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