Commercial Real Estate

Redberry Property Management

Our in-house property management team provides experienced exceptional services based on the motto “Maintain superior condition and return superior profits thru superior attention”.

Our management fees are among the lowest in the city because our model is based on returning as much profit to the landlord as possible each month. We keep maintenance costs low by taking ownership in some of the costs that typically eat away at your monthly net profits. Contact our New Landlord Property Management specialist today to learn more.

Residential Single or Multi-Family Investment

Redberry Realty specializes in servicing clients seeking to achieve a range of property portfolio goals, such as obtaining a short-term return or generating a long-term profitable portfolio of properties. Our approach centers on obtaining a clear understanding of your investment goals and tailoring a plan to deliver to your expectations. We pride ourselves in cultivating trusted and valued partnerships with our clients underpinned by a fierce dedication to supporting the realization of their objectives.

Redberry Realty will guide you through any property acquisition process, from inception to completion.

See how Redberry Realty can help with your real estate needs!